The Way of Life is to just keep going!

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We are on a generation where people are anxious of the future. Who wouldn’t be anyway? At least once in our life we experience this feeling of finding our place in this world.

I believe the right term for this condition is “existential crisis”. And this feels really awful especially when you are alone. You tend to overthink things that are not really worth investing of deep thoughts. You are just burdening yourself by creating a problem which shouldn’t be considered a problem in the first place.

As a result, we lose our precious asset—time. We waste it on things that doesn’t improve our current well-being nor changes our current status in life.

There is no such thing as perfect plan. Along the way there will always be changes and the best thing to do is to cope up to these changes.

Sometimes we are just so comfortable of the things we are used to that when we are introduced to the new normal, it shocks us to the point where we started to doubt ourselves and give up.

This shouldn’t be our mindset. Because, it defeats the purpose of life. By now, we should be fully aware that our journey in life is a continuous parade of changes. We can either stay with the normal that we are used to or have the courage to step up and embrace a new adventure.

We will face the consequences of our choices. Of course we will fail at some point. It’s inevitable. It’s part of the bargain. We either win some or learn some but never consider this failed attempts as loses but ways to improve!

So the next time the question “What’s my purpose in this life?” bugs us around, snap it, take a deep breath and give ourselves a favour by assuming that there is one for us by forbidding ourselves to think there is none.

Use the failures and even rejections we encounter to build that success. Success in family, friends, career, and love. There are so many kinds success, we are just too focus on achievements like fame and fortune without realizing that simple things are much more meaningful in the long run.

Just keep going. One day we will realize that all the things that happened in our life has a reason. Maybe right now we can’t understand it yet but eventually we will.




A scroll of forgotten words. Let me show you how I see the world in a different perspective.

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Dominic Lim

Dominic Lim

A scroll of forgotten words. Let me show you how I see the world in a different perspective.

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