The Sick Man of Asia Remains Ill

The Philippine Election is a reflection of the collective thoughts of the Filipino People and it’s not change we are after, it’s validation.

Dominic Lim
3 min readMay 9, 2022

I have already predicted a Marcos Presidency based from the surveys starting November last year and its consistency with other Presidential projections that transpired in 2016 and 2010.

It’s inevitable. The Marcoses has invested a lot in the rebranding of their namesake. With the rise of Duterte at the helm of government and his massive popularity, it anchored the chances of the decades long of comeback return.

The disinformation we had for the last 6 years is just part of the story but not accurately attributable to the partial and unofficial election results that we are seeing right now. Remember that Duterte garnered 16 million votes last 2016 presidential election. A lot of these people most likely will jump over on the Political entities tied to Duterte, which the Marcoses clearly hold. Even if we half these numbers and allocate it to different candidates, with the other half of 8 million people plus the 14 million people who voted Marcos Jr. on the last Vice Presidential election, a clear 22 million votes is still a huge number to win the Presidency, which by the way is the actual number Marcos Jr. have on the partial and unofficial votes right now.

But, the matter on the Presidency is not of a big deal anymore. With the pandemic that happened and the economic crisis felt all over the world, whoever sits on Malacañan is out of the question because the country is already fucked. We are standing at 13 trillion national debt and with the pandemic still on going, it’s most likely that whoever elected as next President will be forced to do his/her job accordingly otherwise an uprising is a possible scenario.

It’s never a matter of who wins your favorable bet. As Filipinos we are expected to be critical of our choices transcending our common norm of two opposing sides in war of childish teasing. It shouldn’t be the top reason of our election. It’s good to feel the validation but remember it’s another 6 years of your life and you might never feel the same validation again if the road going downhill went straight ahead and directly plunge to hellish grounds.

The most disappointing part of this election is the Senatorial polls. We need people who will draft policies aligned to the recovery of our country from health and economic crisis. If there is something the Filipino People should have elected properly, it’s the 12 Senatorial Slate.

I guess, we just never really learn. Majority of us sees this as just a game. A sport we love to cheer on our favorite players. However, there’s no championship at stake but only the lives of millions of Filipinos.

Trust me, prepare yourself for another Duterte Presidency in 2028. And if the Senatorial Slate that we will have is as mediocre as what we have now, then I believe the Filipino people have spoken, we don’t want change because we only want validation.

Philippine politics is rotten to the core. No amount of patriotism can change it. We just learned how to live with it and we never really wanted it to change, at least on this era.



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