Monsta Infinite needs S.C.A.M.

Success is but a story of mutual commitments.

Dominic Lim
4 min readSep 20, 2021

There is a glaring problem far worse than what Monsta Infinite handled in the past few days. It’s about the significant amount of knowledge of its community members about crypto, and that is the reason why Monsta Infinite needs a SCAM.

The game promised to deliver an affordable play to earn game. This statement is powerful and at the same time tempting. Many people would think that this is some kind of an easy job that will create you a lot of fortune in just matter of days, but in reality, that is not genuinely true.

Investing is a complicated process and a very risky one especially if you try it in the crypto world. The probability of losing is sometimes more than winning. It is an undeniable fact. That is why, there are lot of disclaimers and warnings that investors shouldn’t take lightly.

In a survey conducted by Cardify, it shows that 1 out of 3 investors have little knowledge about crytocurrency and how it actually works.

The same survey suggests that many new investors dive into this risky field because of fear of missing out. It also says that some people were entering in the hopes of earning short-term financial gains.

Short-term mindset in investment is a big weakness. It surely clouds your rationality, and right decisions are often disregarded because you are thrilled to get something that should be naturally taking some time.

What happened on Monsta Infinite’s Public Sale is a testament of what this survey is trying to say. The project is committed in delivering an affordable game and this attracts a huge number of newcomers in the crypto business.

Majority of people don’t even know that sniping bots exist and that pumping and dumping is a normal occurrence in TGEs and IDOs. Even though the team implemented the anti bot strategy out of good will, the result is the opposite of what they expected.

But, we can’t turn back time — Monsta Infinite team is probably wishing they could however, these events are already in the past. People already lost something because of what happened but there are many learnings and experience it brought to the community.

This is actually a lesson to both sides and if you will look closely, believe it or not, this is positive in long-term since the community is now aware of these things, and they will surely plan their next steps with caution.

Monsta Infinite team can help in educating their community by providing information that will increase the awareness of their members about crypto. They can share strategies or even conduct meaningful and informative discussions first before leaping into the next big event.

The Market Place launch is just sitting around the corner and Monsta Infinite should learn from the shortcomings they had in their previous events. Consulting the community members and informing them several notes will most likely increase the success of this occasion and it may prevent unwarranted problems. However, this is not entirely the key.

That’s why Monsta Infinite needs SCAM. They need Steady Change And Modification of tactics, approach, and policy if conditions demands so. They need Sincere Cooperation And Movement from their investors and partners in order to execute their plans properly. And lastly, they said that they are true to their commitment towards success but this needs the most important SCAM of all— they need Serious Commitment Among Members too.

Monsta Infinite assured that they will do everything to bring their project into reality. Likewise, the community must also be equally committed in helping them by learning a lot more about the business they are diving in to. The members of community must learn how to ask questions and answer those questions themselves. They need to be knowledgeable of different things about the crypto world and unravel different tips, techniques, processes, and principles that will greatly help them in their investments.

People should realize that it’s not other people’s duty to make their lives better, and we should accept the fact that mistakes are meant to improve an existing dilemma and turn it into a favorable one.

If you believe that Monsta Infinite can achieve their goals then the more reason you have to assist them in materializing this cause. You need to exert more effort and change your mindset into a long-term one.

Success stories of prominent people are dignified by those who help them in the process. But, it’s most important to know that these stories will not happen if you can’t help yourself first.



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