“When you already fooled people, profit is a temptation you can’t turn down.”

Dominic Lim
6 min readSep 17, 2021

Crypto games have been making rounds on the internet for quite some time right now. And when the pandemic hits the world, the demand on these play-to-earn games has since exponentially grown. A lot of people are investing in a field where risk is at bay.

Monsta Infinite is just one of those play-to-earn games. It garnered a massive amount of support in all of their social media platforms. Their marketing strategy was quite excellent to the point that they were able to gather a stronghold of supporters in just matter of months.

On twitter alone they have 160.1k followers:

On facebook they have 94k of followers:

As for their discord and telegram they have over 100k of members.

This only tells how much support this game has. Their efforts on events such as giveaways did a great job on enticing people to follow their game. They also have contests like “Article Making Contest”, with a really questionable results as they chose the top 5 base on quality, however, those winning articles were not of article standards but more of a subjective writing with occasional wrong grammar and poor proofreading.

But, we are not here to talk about their story of how they start and end up as a big player in the crypto game business. We are here because of their outright audacity to control the market price of their governance token on their Public Sale release and play as the biggest scammer the community failed to notice.

They had good reviews with their initial events such as Presale 1 and Barter. Although, some were not amused with what happened to their Presale 2 because of the oversubscription percentage, it is undeniable that the game has still a massive support from the community.

They had an organized event — from the announcements, social media postings, and event countdowns. These all were executed seamlessly. A perfect formula to gather the trust of an unwary public.

However, their consistency waiver on their Public Sale release and surrender to dollar temptation.

Public Sale is set to launch in several exchange services such as PancakeSwap and AcendEX on September 16, 2021 18:00 GMT + 0. This is exactly 2am in Philippine time zone. And take note of the notice they provided on their announcement “We will MUTE THE CHAT for a short while in order to prevent SCAMMERS!”. How thoughtful right? Or are they?

People are expecting that the time will be strictly followed as they have a pretentious countdown on telegram as well. But, just like in the movies, traitors attack when the main characters are off-guard. This is where their master plan commence, it’s where people are not expecting the turn of events.

At (Sep-16–2021 05:50:08 PM +UTC), 10 minutes before the actual start of Public Sale, a transaction occurred from address 0x3dca07e16b2becd3eb76a9f9ce240b525451f887, this address was able to buy the governance token for a little over of 0.5$ for a whooping 1000 worth of BNB that translates to 810,000 of $Moni Tokens.


This transaction along with other transactions at that time (See time as they are all able to buy all at the same time at Sep-16–2021 05:50:08 PM +UTC)

Credits to the owner of the Photo
Credits to the owner of the Photo

pump the price to as much as a staggering 7 dollars ALL TIME HIGH on the first minute of the trading.

After this, a sudden announcement in the discord channel popped up

This was released right after a good amount of transaction took place at the lowest price point of the $Moni token. You will think, this might just be a coincidence. It might be. But, this is where it starts to get interesting.

This sudden move of Public Sale release time cause a panic on the community. Of course, they are all expecting to buy the token at the lowest price point possible. This turn of events caused a massive transaction on their partner exchange services to buy the token. And guess what happened next? It propels the price even further.

The price even goes as much as 11 dollars on the SUPPOSED release time of the governance token at SEPTEMBER 16, 2021 18:00 GMT + 0.

But, this was a perfect opportunity. Since $Moni price is playing at its possible all time high of the day, another transaction occurred at (Sep-16–2021 06:20:08 PM +UTC). And guess what is the address involved? Right, it’s the address earlier which is 0x3dca07e16b2becd3eb76a9f9ce240b525451f887.

But this time, it’s about to sell a whooping 2,057,180.281115380820011908 dollars. Then this amount of money was transferred to a certain account address which is 0xdb75c434513c428b85391393a11c5271f9aa593b.


Now, you might be curious. Who was the receiver of that large amount of money? If you will check, that large sum of money coming from playing the market price of the token was transferred to the DEVS WALLET.

By simply checking the Dev Wallet checker on poocoin, the address where 0x3dca07e16b2becd3eb76a9f9ce240b525451f887 sent it to was a Devs Wallet address which is 0xdb75c434513c428b85391393a11c5271f9aa593b.


Not only the addresses were the same but the amount of transactions as well. This was a concrete evidence of an organized market manipulation and scam.

Monsta Infinite’s smooth and orderly initial events is just a big set-up for an orchestrated fraud. Of course, doing this on their Presales and Barter is an outright stupidity but if you do this on a free trading market, they can just slip away with words “like invest at your own risks”.

Even putting a disclaimer such as this, is just a big front of their long awaited profit. There is an #scammer-alert on their Discord channel but people failed to put there the biggest scammer of the game was the game creator themselves.

Good thing about crypto is that it is a decentralized form of exchange where transactions are open for public to check. Just a little bit of investigation, research, and comparison can proves someone’s intention. And as for, Monsta Infinite team, you have lots of explaining to do.

No wonder why the discord channel is still close up to this date September 17, 2021 19:28 GMT + 8 (Philippine Time). They sure post occasional announcements, but it’s irrelevant to the answers the community is looking for.

Monsta Infinite team is surely having a great time counting their profits, and surely they are taking their time making believable alibis for this big mess and embarrassment.



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