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There are just unexpected bonds from people you never thought you’d be really close with.

Dominic Lim
6 min readOct 8, 2021

This photo of yours is I think the most striking and attractive picture in your Instagram. You are probably thinking right now “Binobola na naman ako ni bes” but I am not. I was even able to make a Vogue-like Magazine Cover from it, and it suites you very well.

I know you don’t like reading long posts and articles but spare me some time for this one.

Thinking back, I actually never thought we’d become friends — like a really close one. That time, I just randomly saw your stream that popped on my newsfeed and decided to check the page. You were streaming Dota 2 so I was curious.

As I scan Miracool Gaming and your overall profile I was like “Ang famous naman neto, ang lakas pa mag Dota”. To be honest, I was intimidated. But, I still followed the page and occasionally lurk when you are live streaming.

At first, I’m just commenting on your stream whenever you ask your viewers what hero you will play or items you will build. I remember when you were playing Ember Spirit, I suggested to build desolator and you actually built the item. You decimated Zeus on mid lane.

And then, I started to share your stream whenever you are streaming and you always make sure to shout it out live “Thanks sa pag share Boss Dominic!”. You were still calling me boss that time, it kind of feel awkward. I became a “tambay” on your gaming sessions and I witness your development not only as a streamer and gamer but as a determined person as well who is passionate with what he is doing. It was always fun to watch you play.

One day, when you were playing Invoker because one of the viewers requested it, I was really fascinated on watching your game. You said that it’s hard to lane Invoker nowadays unlike before which I agree. The skill build you did way back was 4 on Quas and 4 on Wex then transitioned to become an Exort type. You built Aghanims Scepter but I was wondering why you are manually double clicking sunstrike for Cataclysm. You did it not only once but three times. I was really confused. Then I decided to comment that if you’re using Legacy keys you can just click Alt-T and Cataclysm will be automatically activated. We had a good conversation on the live chat and that paved way to us knowing more each other even it’s only through stream.

Do you even remember our first game as team in Dota 2? In one of your livestreams, you wanted to play Party MMR with your viewers so I tried. Luckily, you noticed me on the live comments and asked for my Steam ID. I played Snapfire and you played Windranger. I thought you’re going Mid lane but you decided to play as Position 4.

We lose our first match but it’s okay. I was able to play with the streamer I was just only watching before and experienced a game with the player I’m looking up to.

The “boss” monicker you’ve been calling me slowly change into “bes”. This started when you helped me with my calibration games. It was a fun night to be honest. The “puyat” is all worth it. I wasn’t able to fully function on my work later on that morning because we had a good after game talk in discord until dawn. It was all worth it.

But more than all these dota memories with you that built our friendship runs a deeper story of a man that gain my utmost respect and praise.

He may be looking absolutely serious and mayabang on cam during livestreams but in reality he’s a sweet and funny guy. When you get to know him better, you will be amused that you can easily hang out with him. He will make sure that you are well entertained and attended.

He is the kind of person too that has big trust on people. I just barely know him but he’s already inviting me to meet up and have a drinking session. Like he doesn’t care if you’re just a new friend or not, as long as we are vibin’ you are no stranger mate.

The very first time we had a drink was when I went back to the province for a vacation. Just right before it ends, I payed a visit to him and that night we had an unforgettable tipsy road trip. They were supposed to accompany me to my college friend’s house but on our way we kind of went through the wrong way and ended up in a CEMETERY. That night probably scared the shit out of them or maybe not, maybe they felt thrilled, I don’t know. The alcohol in my system made me unaware of the things around me but all I know was we went on the wrong way. But to cut the story short, they were able to take me to my friend’s residence but that Cemetery experience was definitely a wild and unexpected one.

But I guess, the most heartfelt and deep drinking session I had with you was the time at your home. That was totally not planned. I just told you I’m in the city and ask if I could barge in for the night. You were shocked.

You shared a lot of stories and life experiences. We had a good talk about these things. I appreciate how comfortable you were sharing a portion of your life to me. That night, you opened a part of yourself and I listened. These kinds of bonding are just so precious to me. These moments are the ones I will definitely not forget.

We talked the ups and downs. The happy and sad. I know for myself that the more you share these stories the more I know you better. It’s no longer just about the streamer I’m watching during livestream because I am watching you in your most vulnerable state.

You share some of your problems in life and I carefully listen to them. You may be looking brave and strong outside but deep inside you’re soft and gentle, and you cared so much. Especially when it comes to your family.

The time we spent together may not be too long to brand something special but I know that the amount of time we had built a strong bond that exceeds both our expectations.

We always update each other from time to time. I appreciate how consistent you’ve been up until now. You don’t know how grateful I am to all the times you’ve been there for me. All those late night chats or talks lift me up when I feel anxious in life. All those random things you share to me just make me feel wanted. And everytime you ask me before you decide into something make me feel important and special.

You are this kind, funny, and adorable friend that people can’t just resist. But aside from these is that I admire the fact that you are a rational and smart person. You have your own opinion about things and you know how to defend them. You are a principled man that knows the nature of right and wrong and you always persevere in making a better version of yourself.

I know how big your dreams are. I know how you put every inch of effort when you want to achieve something and I commend this mindset of yours. I am sure that you will do great things in life!

Who would have thought that from streaming Dota and just commenting as a stranger we will eventually become close friends? I am happy I met you. A lot of things happened and I am grateful to know you better. I am thankful you’ve become part of my mundane life.

I hope our friendship lasts and I hope we get to enjoy more moments together!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I wish you nothing but all the best things in this world. I’m just here to support you in all your endeavors, and congratulate you as you turn your dreams into reality.



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