Festival of Life

These days, I frequently reminisce those time when I was a college student. And who would realize that it has already been three years since our batch graduated. This pandemic surely made everything fast-paced that you tend to forget so many things. Days are way too fast – you open your eyes it is January, then go blink and we are already half through of 2021.

I am reflecting of the things I’ve done in the past six months and all I can remember is myself working from home and playing video games.

But whatever we did on this past year, we have to be grateful of it. Because, this pandemic time has made us realized of so many things. It reminded us of the thing we should cherish and it open our minds to the things we should do more.

As for me, I am thankful I was able to celebrate another festival of life with some of my friends in the midst of this health crisis. Because in these trying times tomorrow is uncertain.

The things we used to enjoy may come as something very special when we get the chance to do it again since we rarely do those things in adulthood. And when we do get a chance, it always feels like we don’t want to end and maybe pause the roll of time to savour every moment of it.

The small time we had was really priceless. Just a simple party for a man increasing yet another year of his life. But, it is not the food and drinks that made everything feel so great in parties, it is the presence of those people you cared about.

It was a culmination of catching up and growing older. Remember that we rarely do these things now because of our conflicting time schedules and life responsibilities. We are getting older. We are not the same people we used to be 10 years ago. We are more mature, independent, and strong individuals capable of carrying responsibilities in life. But that doesn’t mean we are not allowed to enjoy things along the way and to be able to pause from the so-called race of life and catch up with everyone is a feat we will always choose if given the chance.

To all the people who celebrate and will celebrate their own festival of life, I wish you all the best and good health. I hope you are surrounded by people who can make your world stop in a heartbeat. I hope you feel belonged and loved, and I hope you are standing strong and fighting for your dreams.



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