Celebrate the ABS-CBN Shutdown!

Photo by Jire Carreon/Rappler

Cease and Desist order is inevitable especially when the legal franchise of a company to operate has already expired. The commission handling the industry is just doing their job in implementing their supervision, regulation, adjudication, and control.

In fact, NTC is giving ABS-CBN a favour by releasing the order. This prevents the media company from committing illegal activities that may be subjected to legal cases.

So you cannot really blame NTC for their move. It’s clear and logical, and it follows all correct legal procedures.

As for Senate Resolution №40 that will give a provisional authority to ABS-CBN, it’s still up to the Senate session on Monday whether this is enough for a temporary operation.

Why provisional authority? Remember that it was the DOJ who stood firm on its position that there is sufficient legal basis for broadcasting companies to continue their operation while the bills for the renewal of their franchise remain pending on Congress.

House Committee on Legislative Franchises even said that they may held NTC in contempt for not issuing ABS-CBN the provisional authority to continue operations.

See where I’m going? This shutdown is not really that disturbing since all parties involved for the extension may already have a consensus which is most likely favourable to the media company.

What’s really disturbing is the fact that some people are rejoicing over this incident when we are in the midst of a health and economic crisis, and information dissemination as well as entertainment is extremely important.

Well, we do have all the reason to celebrate. Democracy is alive and kicking and we all know it. Everyone is participating and everyone is voicing their sentiments over this issue. Let them know that we are steadfast in preserving our hope and justice.



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