Book of Moni-sis: The Creation

The Shani God wanted to create a Marketplace through his loyal servants and apostles but they bring him MarketFails.

Dominic Lim
11 min readOct 29, 2021

“In a parallel Binance universe, there exists a God who created a world for peculiar monsters. He created loyal servants to aid him in making this world the number one in all of Binance creations but in their story of creation, multiple destructions were committed by his loyal servants that ultimately angered the watchers of this universe.”

It is quite glaring that Monsta Infinite team has been relatively consistent in making the game community doubt the developers’ capabilities in handling a large-scale project they promised to be competitive and aims the top spot.

There are definitely challenges and problems that will be encountered but if Monsta Infinite team can’t adapt to these obstacles and remain the same sorry ass people who think they can always get away with explanations and give their stakeholders mediocre commitment, then they are always bound to disappoint these people who trust, trusted again, and will trust them. The Monsta Infinite team in essence is the main reason of why the project is constantly being stopped in gaining momentum.

We all know what happened in their Token IDO and we learned a lot from it but I guess we can never really expect the unexpected. This time it is their Marketplace launching that brought a lot of sleep deprivation, panic, confusion, and letdown among the community members.

Marketplace, according to their roadmap is set to launch in October 12, 2021.

What would you expect if it says Market Place Launch? Well, it is the ACTUAL MARKET PLACE itself — a market place where you can buy, perform transactions, and view assets that are maybe for and/or for not sale.

Apparently, that is what most of the investors think as this actually propels the governance token price to 5.0370$ two days before the much awaited launching.

However, this was not the case. The whole market place launching was supposedly a series of events that will eventually lead to actual release of the market place.

This is quite understandable as the roadmap indications are vague and it could mean a lot of things. And on this case, this was the meaning, that there will be separate events in the following days before the actual release. Unfortunately, the governance token took a deep dive in price as the market place hype was just a context of wrong presumptions.

But, we are not here for the accounts of the great dip of Moni token. We are here for the accounts of “Marketplace” creation. The most awaited MONI-STT Liquidity Pool Launching and the Sale of the Limited Chrono Zero Monsta and Souldbond Monsta. The 7-day story of creation which started on October 22, 2021 to October 28, 2021 where it ultimately not produced a Marketplace but of a Marketfails.

The expected start time: October 22, 2021 14:00 UTC + 0 or 22:00 PH TIME

First Day of Creation: October 22, 2021


Everyone was excited. A lot of people probably read the posted guides about the wallet registration and the bridging of Moni from the Binance Smart Chain to the Monsta Wallet. All there is left was wait for the 14:00 UTC + 0 or 22:00 PH TIME to finally exchange or swap the Moni token to STT and use it as the legal tender to purchase the Limited Chrono Zero and Soulbond Monstas.

However, the community got it wrong again because another announcement was made and they change the timeframe to 18:00 GMT+0 22nd October 2021 or 2am PH TIME.

A lot of people were confused because 9 days ago they said it will start at October 22, 2021 14:00 UTC + 0. But that is okay, I guess fours hours of waiting time is no harm for some community members although that 185 poop says otherwise.

Second Day of Creation: October 23, 2021


Since the time was adjusted, the 10pm October 22, 2021 PH time became 2am October 23, 2021 PH time. On this period, an important notice was released, and this is to serve as warning that Monsta Infinite will not be held accountable if some people bought STT at a higher price point due to failure of checking the current value.

This is good. They learned to inform their members of the consequences the community will experience once they start to involve their assets on this process. This disclaimer served not only as a warning but a foundation of transparency as well.

While the time is ticking near to the much awaited event, some issues arose on their marketplace website. Community members experienced difficulties in bridging Moni from Binance Smart Chain to Monsta Wallet. There were issues too regarding the Moni not reflecting on the Monsta Wallet even after approved transaction. And there were bugs in the Monsta Wallet of Moni Tokens being gone.

These issues caused another adjustment on their timeframe and from 18:00 GMT+0 22nd October 2021 it was changed to 18:30 UTC+0 of that same day.

A lot of people were already complaining about these time adjustments. They were becoming more and more impatient of the poor execution of the event — the main event.

After that announcement, another guide was released on how to purchase the Limited Chrono Zero and Soulbond Monsta. It was also followed by some key information regarding the cloning counts of these monstas as well as their unit numbering in the Marketplace.

But in reality, no matter how you see this, the Monsta Infinite team was just using these opportunities to delay the sale because they were experiencing technical issues. This is too obvious since there are lots of people complaining about their malfunctioning website.

And guess what, that was indeed the case. The whole sale was adjusted again.

The problem here is that the community members were anxious and tired. These monstas up for sale were limited in counts and everyone were racing in to get a hold of these rare assets.

The original and expected 10pm October 22, 2021 was delayed into a staggering 6 hours of waiting game with no clear direction of what will happen. The marketplace is not working properly and the moderators of the project were literally out of touch and clueless of what was really happening behind.

It was already pass 5am in PH time and there were still no updates from the developers of what should be done at this point. They clearly failed. They failed not only with the launching but with the swift decision regarding the necessary step they should take. There was no backup plan whatsoever in case of failure like this and it cost the investors’ and stakeholders’ time, patience, and energy.

Imagine, this is simultaneously being monitored by people in different regions, and they could be still wide awake and haven’t sleep, in the middle of work, or possibly doing something very important, but they were all stuck up on a failed event and still clueless of what is really happening.

The solution is very straightforward — reschedule. That is the only thing they can do. It was already clear that the problem can’t be fixed right away so in order to avoid more damage on the project and community sides, the solution is plain simple, reschedule.

But, it took more than 8 hours from the Monsta Infinite team to arrive at this decision. It took them 8 hours to realize that there was a problem. A problem that was too big to handle and it can’t be easily solved right away. It took them 8 hours to get back in their senses and inform the people waiting for them that you guys can now stop waiting and we have to sort this out.

This was begged by the community several times right after they experienced some serious issues before the actual event. But unfortunately, they were just left with a false hope and an apologetic statement.

Third Day of Creation: October 24, 2021


To compensate the wasted time and effort of the community members and investors of the game, they issued an air-drop for all of them.

And forget that we sleep deprived you guys, we are on Asian Top 10 Coins on Coingecko.

Fourth Day of Creation: October 25, 2021


The Monsta Infinite Team issued an official statement regarding of what really transpired during the failed event last October 22, 2021.

“On 22nd October 2021, hours before the expected release time, we were already analysing the traffic entering the Marketplace and saw a worryingly increase in the traffic spike, so the developer team made a unanimous decision to extend the release to a later time to prepare the Marketplace infrastructure to accommodate for the traffic spike.”

So what really happened in plain logical sense is that their system was overloaded. And on the second time of release they experienced another tremendous amount of traffic reaching over 103 million request hence crashing their Marketplace.

But if the issue, according to their own description, was worrisome and tremendous, then why did they let the community wait for a astounding 6–8 hours of waiting time before they decided to reschedule the event?

Re-enactment of what’s happening at Monsta Infinite Headquarters

According to them, they will utilize 1 million dollars in repair to resolve the issue and upgrade all their servers to “ensure the smoothness and longevity of the user experience of our project to the community”.

They also assured everyone that all data and transactions recorded were properly backed up and will not be lost just because of a single server failure.

Fifth Day of Creation: October 26, 2021


Monsta Infinite announced that a view-only Marketplace where community members can familiarize themselves across different features and layouts of the Marketplace will be released on the 27th of October 2021.

They also informed that the Monsta Chain hasn’t fully recovered yet so Moni bridging out to Binance Smart Chain will only be available during the Moni-STT swap release. They also felt that day to validate their failed system and inform that even “top-tier” exchanges have to do some maintenance too.

Sixth Day of Creation: October 27, 2021


Monsta Wallet V 1.2.0 was released for the community. It has improved UI and some bugs were already fixed for smoother and functional user experience.

All concerned “humans” were also invited for a poll to decide the release date of the Moni-STT Liquidity Pool and Monsta Sales. The view-only Marketplace was also released for community members to familiarize themselves with the layout and functions of the Markeplace.

Seventh Day of Creation: October 28, 2021


The community has spoken, the Moni-STT Liquidity Pool Feature and the Monsta Sale will be on the 29th of October 2021 at 12:00 GMT + 0.

October 29, 2021

With all that happened, it leads us to the final moment where the community can formally exchange their Moni and buy that Monstas that was delayed for one whole week.

But again and again, we can never really expect the unexpected. With just several minutes left until the actual start, the community members starts to experience yet another rounds of issues with the Monsta Chain Wallet.

Some community members were unable to access their wallet and can’t view their Moni tokens. Some were even unable do circumvent the issue even after following the pinned instruction to resolve it.

The pertinent issues the community members experienced on the 18:00 GMT + 0 October 22, 2021 was again experienced on 29th of October 2021 at 12:00 GMT + 0. A lot of people were complaining at the discord channel regarding the issues they are encountering but to no avail they are ignored.

Ultimately, we are now on a silent treatment as they have closed and muted all their social channels to prevent scammers from victimizing people. However, with a large number of community members already voicing out their concerns minutes before the actual release, I doubt that they will be satisfied to whatever the outcome of this chaotic sale.

It’s truly saddening that time and time again, the disappointments from this project on major events like this is slowly taking away all the hard-earned confidence from the stakeholders.

I’m actually surprised that they still went ahead to continue the event even there were issues with the majority of people accessing their marketplace. It is absolutely crazy that they invested 1 million dollars to upgrade their system only to conjure a slow, malfunctioning, and unreliable marketplace. This is a misleading information because there was no improvement from the last failure and the relaunching. There’s no telling apart. It’s the same crashing system.

It is clearly that the developers are amateurs when it comes to professional decision making, planning, and project management. But it doesn’t mean there are no rooms for improvement. There will be future events much bigger than what they have already created so far, and if in the scale of something like this they can’t put up a good show, then they have to revisit their approach and contemplate to what they are enormously lacking because not all the times stakeholders should experience such poor treatment and execution.

This event, although not yet done was already finished. And as it turns out, the Marketplace was actually a Marketfails.



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