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Dominic Lim
7 min readSep 18, 2021

Monsta Infinite’s Public Sale time management caused an enormous uproar to the community that leads to our speculations and assumptions. These, after all, are natural reaction especially when people can’t get direct and legitimate information from the developers themselves.

Now that all of their Social Media platforms have been opened to the public, it is only fair to validate our claims and clear once and for all these suspicions to finally reveal what really transpired during the Public Sale.

We all know how tremendous the support this project has from the community, and when some unexplainable circumstances occurred on the Public Sale, the amount of dissatisfaction spread like Covid fud-variant. On top of that, it feels like we were put into a lockdown of an almost day long silence from the developers.

We trail all of what possibly happened—to connect the dots, to feed our curiosity, and to find the answer to our questions and explain everything. Hence, the $Moni Heist article was created. These are all big claims that we based on these questions:

  1. Why did the Public Sale start 10 minutes early from the supposed release time?
  2. What are these big early transactions that occurred at (Sep-16–2021 05:50:08 PM +UTC)?
  3. Who are the owners of these addresses we monitored during the early periods of the Public Sale? Are these devs wallet? Or even yet, are these wallet addresses connected with the devs to manipulate the $Moni market price?
  4. Why are they still not opening their Social Media Platforms?

We made our own points regarding this. However, that’s not entirely the truth as we only cover our own version of the story. We made allegations against them and it’s only fair to validate their explanation.

Why did the Public Sale start 10 minutes early from the supposed release time?

According to them, they started 10 minutes early to counter the bots who are sniping tokens during TGEs and IDOs once the liquidity is released. However, one can argue that, if that 10-minute time was allotted for that sole purpose, then there’s no reason to move the release time to (Sep-16–2021 05:52:00 PM +UTC) (1:52am PH time) as reflected on their announcement since that 10 minutes are for bots. This could’ve prevented the community from panic buying.

But, considering that we are talking about bots here. The devs most likely identified that 2 minutes is enough for all these bots to perform all their transactions since they are all automatic — thus the announcement.

Now, if we are going to follow their logic. This is actually a lot better scenario than starting at (Sep-16–2021 06:00:00 PM +UTC) (2:00am PH time). Why is that? It’s because, if people just start panic buying at this time, they would have propelled the price value — that has already been pumped by the bots — and they would end up buying less $Moni tokens.

What are these big early transactions that occurred at (Sep-16–2021 05:50:08 PM +UTC) and who is the owner of this address?

Credits to the owner of the photo

These transactions are probably the snipe bots that they are trying to compete with each other. As a matter of fact, the Monsta Infinite team already proved that this specific address was indeed that of a famous snipe bot who has been spotting tokens for quite some time already.

A simple twitter search can reveal threads of discussion regarding this address and how it snipes IDOs and TGEs.

There was also an article published by Kattana on medium from which they identify address 0x3dca07e16b2becd3eb76a9f9ce240b525451f887 as a sniping bot that disrupts the organic flow of price in the market.

However, this was never the address presumed to be the devs wallet. It was the address where that snipe bot transferred a staggering 2,057,180.281115380820011908 dollars which is 0xdb75c434513c428b85391393a11c5271f9aa593b.

Upon looking on this account, it was involved on several large transactions that makes you wonder: Who is the owner of this address? Is it really a devs wallet? Or is it someone the devs conspired with?

We all know that address 0x3dca07e16b2becd3eb76a9f9ce240b525451f887 is a snipe bot but this address is making transactions to different addresses and that includes 0xdb75c434513c428b85391393a11c5271f9aa593b.

To be fair, lets check Monsta Infinite’s token allocation and distribution if this address matches one of it.


Out of the 11 address entries, it seems that there is no match of this address to any token allocation affiliated to Monsta Infinite team.

There was also a list of transaction on Etherscan which this address was involved.


Base from these 20 transactions, it looks like the oldest transaction made was around 506 days ago on April 30, 2020 at 22:13:56. Now, what’s the meaning of this? Monsta Infinite project was conceptualized only on February 28, 2021 and the transactions of the address 0xdb75c434513c428b85391393a11c5271f9aa593b tell us that the owner has been into crypto for a significant amount of time already. There’s no way in that 10-month difference we can attribute a possible connection since on that period of time crypto games as hype as Axie Infinity were not even a thing. Apart from this is that this address is using different snipe bots who have been manipulating the market price of different IDOs and TGEs of multiple projects and not just Monsta Infinite alone, which means that this address is just your ordinary crypto whale.


Why does the Monsta Infinite Team close and muted all their Social Media and Community Platforms for almost a day?

If only Monsta Infinite team clarifies what happened on the Public Sale earlier than what we expected, maybe this whole mess is not as big as it is. But this is just selfish judgement and opinion.

In fact, Monsta Infinite team reached out to me without hesitation in order to explain why the Social Media and Community platforms are still not open.

They provided me several reasons why,

  1. They are receiving large amounts of spam messages containing fake websites and addresses that are not in any way affiliated to Monsta Infinite.

2. To control the rampant panic due to the unforeseen circumstance that happened on the Public Sale. They want to lessen the damage of negative feedbacks as much as possible.

3. They want to have a consolidated answer first to the speculations of the community and prepared evidence to discredit these speculations.

4. While they are handling the things they need to do in order to answer the issues on Public Sale is at the same time they were busy monitoring the listing with 3 exchanges — pancakeswap, ascenDEX, and gate.io — and they were also keeping track of the IDO launchpads for token transparency.

5. They handled several external DDOS attack on the website that caused so much delay in their original time frame.

Considering with all that happened, I think it’s only fair for them to have enough time handling multiple things at once. This is no easy task. You can’t just start a project and expect problems along the way resolve on their own. They have to move and they need to provide solutions.

Some of us made outrageous statements and accuse them of things they are apparently innocent, to the extent that words such as “they are already counting their own profits”, “scam”, “rug pull”, and other negative things are thrown into them. Well, these are just normal reactions of disappointments and frustrations. I am not defending my initial assumptions and speculations, as those statements from $Money Heist are product of curiosity, doubt, and suspicion trying to explain the unfortunate events that transpired on Public Sale even though that was not the real case, and I stand corrected.

Evidence shows that it’s not them who made this market manipulation and refusing to believe this truth is unreasonable and ignorant.

This $Money Heist, as it turns out, is a big demonstration of how committed the devs in providing a profitable and long term project. There was no intention to rug pull nor scam because if they did, I guess they would’ve already embezzled the amount of money they collected on Presale 2 but instead they gave us reasons to trust them even further.

As for me, I’m just here — observing, discovering, watching, scrutinizing, and writing — as Monsta Infinite team tries to achieve and materialize the promise they made to the community in which they want to develop a long-term viable project and carry out their vision of universal basic income.

And for all those who stayed and believe on Monsta Infinite, AVENGERS!!!



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