Acoustics is not just a trade or business — It’s a revolution!

The world is becoming more industrialized and Impact Acoustic® with the Archisonic® lineup is delivering a rebellious design approach and product quality to highlight acoustic and environmental importance.

Dominic Lim
5 min readMay 4, 2022

What exactly is Acoustics?

Technically speaking, Acoustics is the science that deals with the production, control, transmission, reception, and effect of sound. It is what makes your experience on Theaters, Cinemas, Congregation Halls, Hotels, Office Spaces, etc. satisfying and fulfilling.

Introducing the rebel squad: Impact Acoustic®

Impact Acoustic is a Swiss Company that recycles PET Bottles and manufactures it into high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing products capable of providing acoustic solutions to many different building spaces.

It was assessed that these plastic wastes have enormous environmental repercussions as it take hundred of years before it decompose. The lack of innovative solutions and bold initiatives to work on these waste products are just some of the reasons why these plastic bottles are piling up on our landfills and oceans. The impact of this to our terrestrial and marine flora and fauna has become so severe that global pollution has reached its saturation point.

But Impact Acoustic is brave to take advantage of this problem and make these PET Bottles not only an ecofriendly product but as well as a rebellious catalyst in an innovative and unconventional Architectural and Interior Design.

The result of this is their Archisonic® lineup that provides excellent solutions to modern acoustic and environmental challenges.

Impact Acoustic is constantly stretching the endless possibilities of these materials to wide range of applications, and they are constantly improving their craft in order to deliver a sustainable and world-class products and services. In fact, with their efforts, Impact Acoustic was able to produce the following products and they are all readily available in the market as of today:

What is the relevance of Acoustics to Architectural and Interior Design?

Acoustics is not only important in noise reduction that can affect people’s well-being and productivity, but it also helps in effective transmission of sound in optimal levels.

“Working environments that relies on open and flexible spaces are affected by acoustic challenges, and we think that acoustics is really a topic that has become an integral part of interior design.” — Nando Schoch

Architectural Acoustics has been one of the considerations when designing critical spaces — making sure that sound is beneficial to areas where it needs to be amplified and areas where it needs to be reduced. Interior Design on the other hand, works on the aesthetics of these spaces, and acoustics is the one in charge of ensuring that materials for interior design meets the needed acoustic requirements as well as achieve the conceptualized visual outlook.

These trades work hand-in-hand in order to deliver a functional and attractive designs. Most of building projects right now are considering to have acoustics in the design development. Architecture and Interior Design has always relied in sound to unite a sense of purpose to a building, and this setup will just intensify in the coming years as we try to discover new solutions to different challenges in the building design and construction.

What are the challenges concerning Acoustic Design?

There are many problems that can arise in Acoustic Design but there are three significant challenges that must be addressed appropriately. It is the 3-Cs of acoustic challenges: Construction, Creation, and Cost.

  1. Construction
    For different building projects comes in different architectural designs. Different concepts that came from the bright and imaginative minds of the designers has always been a challenge. Careful planning and review must be considered as acoustic needs to adapt on these dynamic designs and construct a solution suitable for each and every unique project.
  2. Creation
    The creation of these acoustic materials is no easy task. The manufacturing process and design must be parallel to existing standards to ensure the quality and efficiency of the acoustic products.
  3. Cost
    Designs must always be affordable and achievable so stakeholders can be able to avail these quality products. Cost has always been a challenge not only to the suppliers and developers but to the investors as well. There is no point in the construction and creation of a product that is highly unattainable for most of the people. This conjures another challenge that we are trying to eliminate — accessibility.

Is there an assurance from Impact Acoustic® on the quality of their products and what are the basis?

Impact Acoustic are Innovative rebels.

“We believe that our unique material and products must be subject to constant change, true to our principle: Permanent Beta. That’s why we like to collaborate with young or already established designers from the architecture and furniture industry.” — Sven Erni

The team making up Impact Acoustics is composed of talented individuals with multitude of experience on their respective fields. The products are LEED accredited and Cradle to Cradle certified making the products flexible, sustainable, and top caliber. Designs and recommendations are based on evidences backed up with calculations from Architectural and Engineering theoretical concepts.

The principle of Permanent Beta is a code that dictates Impact Acoustic to always improve the products and integrate innovations in order to address problems, and the solutions to different acoustic challenges are thoroughly assessed to make sure that the right designs are provided.

The existence of International Standards is a guideline to achieve quality. Impact Acoustic always assure that the quality of their products and services is compliant to acoustic standards and subjected to accredited testing methods and procedures.

Furthermore, their collaboration with different partners such as Vitra, Visplay, and IGN.Swiss paved way into integrating their products to furniture — creating a new line of innovative solutions to building materials and acoustic design.

The inspiration of sustainable and progressive development

Impact Acoustics is a proud supporter of Trash Hero Movement. The fight against the use of single-use plastic and environmental pollution is still far from over. Impact Acoustic can be a frontrunner of the innovative integration of sustainable and ecofriendly building materials for the construction industry.

It is not only acoustic solutions that can be provided through products and services but as well as addressing the environmental impact of harmful plastic wastes and pollution. Impact Acoustic has been trying and courageously doing both for years with a strong statement of change echoed throughout every industry.

We must know that the importance of our designs is equal to the importance of our environment. This is a revolution and together #WeMakeAnImpact!



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