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Photo Reference: https://www.playtoearn.online/2021/08/16/monsta-infinite-coming-to-binance-later-this-year/
Photo Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDIA2VsDbU4

The world of crypto games has changed so many lives during this pandemic and in a country like the Philippines where the minimum wage in the city is comparatively lesser than what you can earn on these games, it is quite tempting to try the opportunity and invest.

Games like Axie Infinity, CryptoBlades, Plant Vs. Undead, and Splinterlands are just some of the play to earn games that can provide you extra income. These games especially the Axie Infinity has made the Filipino community into a play to earn gaming players hub, and some people were fortunately able enough to completely change their lives playing these games.

Every now and then, new play to earn games are being announced and released. People are always eager to try, hoping that they could luckily bag a great deal and profit. Monsta Infinite is just one of those games the Filipino community has put their eyes on — patiently waiting. And I am not exaggerating it. The developers’ statistics can prove how much the Filipino community is supporting this upcoming game. Every posts, giveaways, announcements, and anything related about the game is being monitored by excited players.

But why Monsta Infinite has great potential in the world of crypto games?

It can be narrowed down into five main reasons, and they are: Similarity and Familiarity, Security, Gameplay, Affordable Investment, and Long-term Sustainability.

1. Similarity and Familiarity

Monsta Infinite was inspired by Axie Infinity. So, playing the game is somewhat similar to playing Axie. This is going to be an advantage since a lot of people already know how the concept of the game works. Although there are still some mechanics that separates Monsta Infinite from Axie Infinity, the main thing is, people are already familiar of the things they should do inside the game, and they can easily formulate a strategy. This greatly helps the game community, and it will be much easier for new players to learn this game because the sheer number of people that can teach them, who already know how to play it or at least a keen grasp of it, is more than enough.

2. Security

The developers put a significant amount of consideration in the security of the game to guarantee their stakeholders privacy, identity, and investments. They put in place two factor authentication on the game as well as integrate multiple authentication methods such as Google Authenticator. Their server acts as the validator of any interaction and transaction and through this, account assets stay safe.

They are also implementing Anti-Cheat mechanisms to preserve the integrity of the game. Games issues like tampering and bots are properly well-addressed by using variety of game algorithms and puzzle system.

But the most important thing about the security is the transparency of the game itself especially the developers. Monsta Infinite has a promising team of developers that they made “rug pull” a term of fiction. Whenever there are new games, we cannot remove the fact that people may be afraid, uncertain, and doubtful. That is something to be expected especially when the developers are anonymous and suspicious. However, that is not the case with Monsta Infinite team. They are proactive, transparent, and professional.

3. Gameplay

Monsta Infinite has an interesting lore. Who would have thought that an Ancient Civilization pre-dated the dinosaurs, and they were called Monsta? Monsta, by the way is an enigmatic and peculiar species which nobody knows their origins and who their creators were. That lore is enough to entice people. Curiosity begins to dwell inside only to dig deeper into the Monsta Infinite world!

Apart from the lore is the gameplay itself. They have Monsta Classes, Cloning, and Augmentation which is basically Monsta parts. The battling system is a Turn-Based Card Battle with Match-Three Puzzle System and they also have a feature on Matchmaking and Rank.

Monsta Infinite released a teaser of their gameplay, and it was EXCEPTIONAL! The graphics, the art, the interaction, and the effects, they were all seamless and exciting. Aside from these are future game expansions like Open World. You can purchase your own asset and land where you can craft recipes, co-build, and even host events.

This just came out after months of their conceptualization since February 28, 2021. How much more if the game develops a year or two, or maybe three years just like Axie Infinity? The possibility is endless, and you know that it will be much more amazing.

4. Affordable Investment

Monsta Infinite is inexpensive! The developers of the game promised a game where you can invest comparatively lower than its play to earn game counterparts. Unlike Axie Infinity where you need to invest at least 900–1500$ now for a decent team, Monsta Infinite gives you an opportunity to experience the entry level of the game for about 50$ ONLY, and that is already a full-fledged capable team!

That is an overwhelming 18 times lower in initial investment price. This only tells how the developers considers the accessibility of their game to almost every societal class of people and that the game literally took into account the phrase “invest what you can afford to lose”.

5. Long-term Sustainability

Monsta Infinite is a play to earn game that will reward its outstanding players with $STT and $MONI tokens. These tokens can be exchanged into real life money and thus there will be economics involved. By balancing the minting and burning of its currency as well as maintaining an acceptable levels of in-game population, players can enjoy an intact value of their hard-earned assets of the game. Monsta Infinite has also partnered with revered people who are excellent in tokenomics to monitor the game’s economy.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Open-World aspect of Monsta Infinite is the biggest factor that will determine the future development of the game as it opens endless possibilities and opportunities for all players and stakeholders of the game.

Monsta Infinite’s maximization of assets to sustain the economy and the Open-World system where it will attract new players, investors, sponsors, and partners are the catalyst in ensuring the balance and longevity of the game.

These are the reasons why Monsta Infinite has great potential, and coincidentally they are also the obvious reasons why a lot of people like this upcoming play to earn game. Similarity and Familiarity, Security, Gameplay, Affordable Investment, and Long-term Sustainability, what is there not to like? In fact, these reasons are enough to become passionate with the game and be devoted into it.

However, apart from these general points, what are other aspects of Monsta Infinite do I like?

Well, personally, I think what Monsta Infinite did to gain my liking was the micro details which are subtle enough for people to appreciate.

For example, if you are a curious person and you want to know more details about a certain issue, you will ask questions. Did anyone of you notice how interactive and approachable all Monsta Infinite staffs in all their community portals? In discord alone, the cores and moderators of the game will assist you in all your concerns. They will make sure to answer every question you raised especially when it is connected to pending events on the Monsta Infinite Roadmap or about the game features and mechanics.

Monsta Infinite is also active in giveaways and events. They make sure that the community is updated with their different kinds of promotional events and I kind of enjoy all of them. The mere fact that joining these events can give you a chance of winning normal or inception Monsta is thrilling!

I also like how the game is open about Monsta Infinite being an Axie-like play to earn game. There are no issues about it as far as I am concerned. I like how they are not pretentious about it. Axie Infinity is not a perfect game but if Monsta Infinite can improve some aspects where Axie Infinity is lacking, then that would be extraordinary. There is nothing wrong in becoming a better version of something.

No matter how you look into it, Monsta Infinite is a game with great potential. There is no other way for this game but to be the next big crypto game. And just like any other play to earn game, I am confident that Monsta Infinite will definitely not only be liked but loved by many people.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us and lets us reach the moon and stars with Monsta Infinite!!!




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